Yinspiration Yoga Retreat Ibiza

🌴 Indulge your senses retreat 🌴

June 5th – 8th, 2020 ⎜Ibiza 

A 3 day wellness healing program designed to refresh your mind, body and spirit through a combination of yoga sessions and holistic healing food program, infused with the wisdom of the chakras. A concept designed to be at home away from home.


During this 3 day stay in a beautiful Villa, 10 minutes away from old town,  we’ll indulge your senses with holistic food and Yin Yoga. We’ll offer you some 30 minutes morning lectures to introduce you to the philosophy of Yin Yoga and Chakra yoga. Followed by a 90 minutes yin yoga session designed by different themes. Find out more about Yoga teacher Rebekka as climbing yoga woman.

After this we’d love to take you on a journey of rich flavours to get you totally “vitanized!” In Vitanja’s kitchen, we aim to design food that helps lower inflammation provide more energy, contribute to clean and glowing skin and help reduce or maintain body weight. Find out more about food designer Anja.


About the venue

You’ll stay in a beautiful private Villa in the south east of the island, 15 minutes away form Ibiza town. This urbanisation is well known for exclusive wellness destinations with great offers in holistic treatments, Yoga, Pilates and we are on of them! This residential area is surrounded by beautiful private beaches. Roca Llisa is a quiet hidden secret where not that much tourists found their way jet. So grab your beach towels and enjoy some relaxing time at one of the beautiful beaches or at our private swimming pool or spend some time on our chill out rooftop area.


What’s not included

transportation of any kind (ie- ferries, bikes, taxis, etc)
Traveler’s insurance (highly recommended)
Airport Pick-Up
Airport Drop-Off


you can pimp up your stay!

We can arrange for airport pick up, additional accommodation, wellness treatments (massage, healings, pt…) for an additional fee.

and we pamper you with a marvelous goodie bag!

What’s in it? 


and for those who can’t wait to get their own, Vitanja has it for you. Check out the Webshop




Join us for a long weekend of yoga in paradise!🌴☀️

We promise, this is the perfect experience for those who are interested in deepening their physical practice, as well as diving a little deeper into meditation and inner work all the while cultivating community with like-minded individuals.

Get in touch with Anja or Rebekka for bookings or further questions.



Terms & Conditions


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