IMG_2437-8As a general rule, the training will lead to success when the exercise is performed correctly. Otherwise the performance will suffer and the injury risk will increase.

Whatever it is. I help you to define your goals. Your motivation is lacking? You want to get fitter and to live a healthier lifestyle, but you’re struggling how to start? You need a personalized training schedule for yourself?  No Problem. Let’s set up a meeting or get in touch with me and we will work on it together. I’m a Level 3 German certified  Personal Trainer.

What does the coaching look like?

We’ll start with a short briefing  to find out your goals for your training. Furthermore, I need to learn more about your injury history or illness. These details are important in order to create your tailor-made training schedule. For this, we will start with  FMS –  Functional Movement Screen.

What is  Functional Movement Screen? 

FMS is a stability and movement test for the whole body.  FMS is a process that identifies weak links in certain body movements and assigns exercises to correct them. Weak links are often imbalances, inadequate joint mobility or strength.

Simple correctives can be given in areas such as joint mobility, rolling, strength training and reactive neuromuscular training.

The full body screen measures seven fundamental movements that are the key to daily life. It scores individuals in a simple way to determine, if the movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional.

If you are a beginner I start a fundamental training with you to make sure that you will do all the exercises in a correct way. This is very important in order to reach your training goals in a healthy way and to maximize your retention.

“The definitions of training goals are always different. For athletes it can be to extend their maximum strength, for a Hobby-Functional-Warrior the most important goal can be to tone the body in a defined way.“

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