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As you guys already know, I believe in the importance of developing a healthy relationship with the body. I’m a proponent of Self-empowerment as a means to protect the soul and stay healthy.  Anja Ebersbach, the founder of  Vitanja Lifestyle convinced me with her principle of nourishing body, mind and soul in a balanced way. A concept what complements my believing.

Who is Vitanja Lifestyle?


Vitanja is a holistic Lifestyle agency and food design brand based on Balearic Island/Mallorca. They aim to provide inspiration and practical tips that couple the performance-intense modern lifestyle with recent knowledge in nutrition science, detoxifying ingredients, and a pragmatic approach to vital living.

Vitanja makes the challenge of bringing vitality into your thinking and onto your plate – through food design and lifestyle coaching – easy, fun and delicious.

Anja Ebersbach - founder of Vitanjalifestyle
Anja Ebersbach- founder of Vitanja Lifestyle

„Vitanja´s mission:
enhance physical, mental & emotional performance by tweaking eating & thinking patterns.“ 

To give this mission a name, she created the concept  Upgrade Your Experience. It’s is a combination of holistic wellbeing experiences focusing on psychical movement and fun filled Human Potential Coaching sessions brought to clients by professional trainers and coaches, taking place in your finca or any other place in Balearic Islands. 


I’m thrilled to be a part of the upgrade team!

With mindful yin yoga approaches – because one purpose of Yin Yoga is to restore the body to its natural state of health – I’ll take care of your body and mind while following the three principles of yin yoga. Together we will create an atmosphere of letting go and nourishing your body in a way of pure relaxing.


Ready to indulge your other senses? Then you’ll have the change to enjoy a taste of healthy smoothies or whatever your wishes are, fresh prepared by Vitanja. 




For more Information and Inspiration visit Vitanja’s website.

Bookings, requests and questions click here.


 I’m looking forward to upgrading your experience!





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